New Year’s Resolutions

I’m always leery of starting something new around the 1st of the year, because it looks like a New Year’s resolution.  Which of course means that I can’t stop doing it without it looking like a failed New Year’s resolution.

This blog was started on Dec 25th, Christmas day, and posted on daily for, like, almost an entire week! ;-> Now here it is the 4th of January — though not for much longer — and I’m just now coming back to it.  Maybe this is more of an … Anti-New Year’s resolution?

It’s not surprising that I may post irregularly here.  After all, I have a life other than my web log.

Yeah, that’s the ticket.  All those popular blogs must belong to complete nerds with no personal life!

(I would worry about someone misinterpreting that last statement, if there was any real chance someone would read it…)

Since I’m most likely just speaking to the chickens here — who, of course, go to sleep when the sun goes down — I’ll just make a further note about the devotionals.

The devotionals really are a sort of exercise for me.  I’m not nearly devotional enough in my regular life, since I’m usually occupied in fixing computer problems at work, or on the internet at home, or wrapped up in the daily thankless tasks of modern life.  Trying to post a devotion daily, more or less, is at least partly a way of keeping my mind from being completely secularized.

Still, I’m very tempted to move them somewhere else.  They don’t seem to fit in with discussions on politics, religion, computers, and all that other divisive stuff.  And I may yet move them for exactly that reason.  But I think I’ll keep posting them here, anyway.  In fact, if not for the ease a weblog gives me in posting daily devotionals, I’m not sure I would have one at all…


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